pila Antonin Mrtka

Produce description

The company is focused on sawing hardwood logs, mostly poplar, beech, oak, ash, and depending on the order also other trees such as spruce, pine, etc. The production is in the form of sharp timber which is further squared up to the cut list. The production team consists of up to 6 experienced staff.

Technical specifications

The total quantity of sawn wood is around 4000 m3 per year. Technology allows us processing diameter up to 130 cm of extra thick material. Ensuring equitable supply of logs is made by own truck with a combination of transportation for foreign carrier.

Contact us

If you are interested in our offer or in our company, you are welcome to contact us either via phone, and through e-mail or directly through the contact form in demand list. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.

Certificate of Incorporation
Antonin Mrtka
Ceska Bela 143, 582 61
gsm: +420 603 836 223
email: info@antoninmrtka.cz
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